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THE FATHER, THE SON AND THE HOLY SIMON! "As long as I got breath, the death of rock is the death of me, and rock is dead". Prophetic words from a prophetic Jim Morrison. One can have the feeling that rock music is truly dead. Where everybody wants to "innovate" by rechewing things with an overproduced sound, there seems to be no room anymore for no-nonsense rock'n'roll music. Well, sort off. Who would've thought that 3 people from Dendermonde Belgium would show their middle finger to all the prefixed studio settings, grooveboxes and bubblegum beats. Make room for The Father, The Son and the Holy Simon. A power trio, just like it should be! The story begins when Kurt The Father recruits his son Linard and the drumprodigy Simon Ruyssinck on a trip through rock'n'roll history. The result was a fast reign over the local music scene with sharp, tight and energetic shows. A first EP was released and FSHS were ready to take it to a next step. Virtuosity is one, but a band also needs a face. The face came in under the form of Linard Vandenbossche who realised that a good band is a living organism. It has to breathe, it has to live and it has to feel. FSHS worked hard on new songs and slowly introduced them to the crowd. While conquering Belgium with a serious bang they introduced a more mature face, without giving in on any of the rock'n'roll principles they had! On their first self titled album FSHS bring you a sincere mixture of Rock, Blues and Soul. Nothing on this album is prefixed: EVERYTHING is real! Blood, sweat, tears and hard studio work. 14 musicians were in the studio to give the album an extra soulful sound! Think Led Zeppelin with a heart. Think Bo Diddley with blood on his face. Seriously, if these were the 70's they'd be on Island records. But really! When you visit the studio and have so much awesomeness to share... whey bother waiting for a record label? Release it yourself and do it immediately! But don't you bother believing our story! Listen to these songs. We are anxious to play them for you, in every town and village. We are psyched to share the enthousiasm hundreds of people have for this band. We want to share the intensity! We want to rock and we want it now.


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