xDIGx FR | paris


This five-piece parisian band of Clevo and New York hardcore influenced music could be described this simple way : straight edge kids gone negative. Following their sold out 2010 "notorious demo", the next ep "socially disabled" should bring even more groove, anger and controversial lyrics to the note... But don't take what you hear too seriously cause these fuckers are all about chilling and having fun !

The letters behind the name of our band come from a private joke that none else out of our group of friends could understand. We thought it would be funny to have it as initials for our name, plus it would bring "mystery" and make people talk about it a bit more, which is good for a band. But some people have come up with really crazy ideas which in fact don't get us where we expected to go. We have already explained several times at shows that THIS BAND IS NOT, NEVER HAS BEEN, AND NEVER WILL BE A HOMOPHOBIC BAND. Please, don't ever ask us again about this... We have better things to do ! And so do you !

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