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Anger is an Energy - the new acclaimed Sunpower biography
It was the summer of 2002. The queen mother dies, Everybody's still fucked over by the 9/11 airplanes crash, 200 people are killed during a bomb-attack on the island of Bali and a little country called Belgium hasn't changed a bit since the Wilfried Martens, Jean Luc Dehaene, Guy Verhofstad administration. Mike Dubois, a real punkrock dude from the old school remembers the time that he was playing in a fast forward, no-nonsense band called "Les Stroumphs Alcooliques". He remembers those times and says: "those were the days". He picks up his guitar, calles his former bassplayer Gerd Vanhoof and find Jerre, an oldtime friend who just bought himself a drumset. They finish 7 songs and record short after it. Fast fucked up songs for fast fucked up people: "BACK TO BASICS'", which also became the title of their first EP, released in april 2003. After a short while Mike became sick of playing the guitar and Jerre left the band to become a duathlon legend. Sunpower picked up Davy and Kevin, fucked up loners from the younger generation and the rest became history.

Through the years we released 2 more EP's (Total control and John Terror) and 1 LP. We worked together with labels such as Still Holding on, Peter Bower and Rock'n'roll radio. We played with bands such as Negative Approach, Discharge, DRI, Poison, Idea, Spermbirds, The Kids, Kill Your Idols, Leeway, Dead Stop, Out Cold, Millions of Dead Cops, Justice, Direct Control, ANS, I-object and shitloads of more stuff where that came from.

More than that, sunpower became a story book on itself, filled with hundreds of anecdotes, weird stories and fart-jokes. We discovered legends in regular people, reinvented the polonaise and - according to our songs - we did short tours filled with the most hilarious incidents you could ever imagine. You can say all you want about us, 1 thing is for sure: nobody in this band is bullshitting you. We have our straightforward, angry and sometimes sarcastic way of speaking our opinion but again... nobody is bullshitting you here.

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