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Elephant Leaf, successively known as Vicious Circle (Some Bizzare) and View (DSA), is the association of the two french avant-garde musicians, Lucie Dehli and Stephan Ink. The experimental duet started their musical career in UK with the legendary Somebizarre label then turned back to France to sign for a reissue of “Barbed Wire Slides” and 2 albums and compilations “Heavenly Voices”under the name of View.
After they moved to Belgium, the two musicians collaborated with the experimental project 48 cameras (led by Jean Marie Mathoul, featuring David Coulter, Michael Gira, Rodolphe Burger and many more fine musicians).
With Elephant Leaf, they explore some new fields of experimental music, which are totally accessible for all lovers of minimal, but genius music. “Emotional Power” is their first full length, which they’ve released on their own label Tutuguri.
One of the main characteristics of their compositions is the use of less sounds combined with moody atmospheres. The play of guitar and bass guitar is quite particular, making the specificity of several songs.
Lucie Dehli sings in whispering and shimmering way, adding a touch of delicacy and a spooky element as well. It’s hard to find back all influences of this project, but the last cuts have a little jazzy touch.
In january 2007 they signed for a split CD with the Canadian Label Chat Blanc and released “Emotional Power” (Tutuguri) in january 2008.
Their previous productions are being reessued by the russian label Intuition Records.
Since January 2008, Lucie and Stephan have been joined on stage by Wouter Roggeman (Drums) and Lee Lebens (Guitars). The two new musicians will also feature on their next album “The taste of salt”, in the early 2009.

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