Audrey SE | stockholm

indie, pop

Swedish four-piece Audrey formed in 2002 and started performing gigs in April of the same year. Having recorded a demo in the studio of an artist's collective in Gothenburg in the summer of 2003, the positive responses were immediate. During the summer and autumn they played more shows, selling over 500 demos in the process.

Moving forward a year or so, Audrey began to develop their sound. The embryo of their dark, suggestive pop took its first form in a run-down music house in the archipelago of Gothenburg. "It was really the worst place, the building was about to be demolished as we rehearsed there. The toilet was broken, the pipes had frozen and there were mice running around on the floor", says guitarist Victoria Skoglund.

Describing Audrey's music is no easy task. If the group has succeeded in finding a central theme, it's a balance in the melodies - shimmering, beautiful moments of pop meet dark sadness.

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