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country, pop

Jesus Is My Son starts in 2005 as a duo (Xavier Dubois & Grégory Duby) of two guitars and amplificators. In 2006, they recorded the first release of the project: 'Sacrifice Odieux'. This release was a 4-track EP consisting of slow and quiet tracks, very close to an American desert.

Beginning of 2007, Xavier Dubois left the project. From this point and during the 3 years, Grégory Duby walked alone to find where JESUS IS MY SON was. End of 2009, he succeeds to find it and the album 'Je suis Dieu' born in May 2010. This first complete album of Jesus is my son is more aggressive and more religious, really influenced by Olivier Messiaen's Christian music. It is Church organ album with a single guitar without any artifact. It is an album of massive and distorted finger picking guitar played slowly like the walk of a god.

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