Bear Claw US | chicago

indie, rock, experimental

Imagine walking into a donut shop, delirious with hunger. Not just anything will suffice. You have a man's appetite and you need a man's pastry. You glance past all of the crullers, long johns and old-fashioned pastries and dismiss them as trivial, wimpy snacks. Then, out of the corner of your eye, you see a BEAR CLAW. Golden brown, caked with glaze, gleaming like a diamond among stones. This is what you have been hankering for, a meaty slab of fresh dough, infused with gooey cinnamon and fit for a king.

It is the music of Chicago's BEAR CLAW that fits this form of desire. Formed in 2002, the band creates powerful, noisy, yet melodic songs utilizing its obtuse instrumentation of two bass guitars and drums. Members Rich Fessler (bass and vocals), Rob Raspolich (bass), and Scott Picco (drums and vocals) continue to push the possibilities of the trio while adhering to a strict "no filler" approach to creating songs with tools they wield.

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