DKA feat. Parsifal BE | bruxelles

techno, house, experimental

This belgian artist has been active in the globalized electronic music scene since 2000. DKA (Aka Doktor A). Influenced by the extense universe of electronic sounds and waves, DKA evolution has been marked by electro beats and hip-hop flows in time tied together with solid minimal-techno basses and deep-house feeling. DKA’s began to expose his talent to the public eye on the year 2002, when he spinned on several residences in small clubs, creating the Belgian concept « Exit & Private ». On 2006, DKA decided to embark on a new project that will refine his sounds and prepare hi for the next level; the creation of electronic music and studying a new career on audio engineer at SAE Brussels. Since then he has performed live in clubs, parties and radio programs where he mixed and presented his music productions. A full range that includes house, deep house, minimal, minimal-techno.

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